What’s an Empowernista?

An Empowernista is an individual that purchase items from thrift stores which in turn, use their profits to invest in employment and/or training programs to help individuals transition to self-sufficiency.  When you shop on Chic4Charity’s website, you’re shopping for a cause that will empower women throughout the Washington region to emerge from economic instability.  

Here’s how Empowernistas can help:

  • Hosting a Chic4Charity Party - You host the party and we’ll bring the food, party goodies, non-alcoholic beverages, and some of our featured items for your Chic4Charity attendees to purchase.  Chic4Charity Hosts will receive an item of their choice or a 25% discount from our online boutique.
  • Schedule a Donation Pick-up  - Empowernistas engage their family, friends, co-workers, or business partners in cleaning their closets and making donations for a cause.
  • Make an Investment - If you can’t make a fashion donation, we welcome monetary donations.  If you want to make a monetary donation, click here

We look forward to adding frugal finds to your existing wardrobe from our online boutique partners or donors. 

Your Fashion Partner,